Spread the Love around The World!

Hello folks! My holiday's gonna over in one week. Sad. What are you doing during holiday? It's my story during holiday at home, lol. Ps: not good at english, it's welcome to correct my grammar.

Cool, isn't it?

Sooo, why 'spread the love' became my title for this post? Because I'm receive too many love from around the world! It was amazing. And do you know what? Its for free! You can try to open Google and search keyword 'titip salam dari luar negeri' its cost 50.000IDR for one paper! Its a great business oportunity tho.

So, its start when I was on Facebook, doing 'gabut' things, opened group, comment on a funny meme, and so on. But then I found someone post about this idea. 

Letters swap!

Yep, someone said that her husband's birthday is on Valentine days, then she have an idea, she want the world be able to say happy birthday to her husband. The post have 50+ comments in a minute, people said "It was a good idea!" or something like that.

someday! netherlands, someday!! i will.

Of course it was amazing! Peoples commenting if they was be able to snap on a beautiful landmark near their house and write a letter for everyone who can swap, or they gave it for free for people who don't wanna swap. 

Heartwarming, isn't it? People spreading love for each other. I wanna cry.

Then, someone make a new group for this awesome idea. She gathered people who want to send or receive the letters. I'm joining of course! This is called opportunities!


my fav country!

This really got me excited. Then, the admins making a rules for this. Everyone is for free asking people what they want, make an agreement, write notes, snap, and send! Simple rules.

And there's a lot of Americans people. They're collecting 50 states in America. California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and etc. I'm trying to collect them all, but I think it was impossible since its hard to find some states, like Hawaii or North Dakota (they said).

Australia and Canada have states too. For your information.

england! and the little girl behind.

big building! love it.

Now I wanna talking about the group. This is simple but quite hard too. Like people keep asking you they want one, its not five or ten peoples. But its hundred!!

There are people whos rude too. They offering pic, but when they got what they want, they blocked. "What a little piece of sh*t!" said the admin. Dont be like that. Its not fair! 

I, of course offering places too. Since I live in a small village in nowhere, I only can get pic of rice fields and banana tree (sawah, sawah, regular sawah you can found in everyplaces, Indonesia!) but they like it. Oh my god. They said its warm.

sawah for all of you guys.

I wrote 193+ notes! And go to sawah three times to take a pic.

People keeps flooding  my message, offering a nice place to swap. I replied, but not at all, tired. But it's make me happy! Some people asking me to write in Bahasa Indonesia too.

And you know what, there's someone in the Netherlands asking me to take a snap because his husband's grandpa is from Indonesia. Awesome isn't it?

Its my collection. I got around 20+, but I pick the cool one.


look so hot there!

this fella really got a nice handwriting. love it!!


Amazing, rite? It's nice when peoples around the country be able to spread the love in their way. It's cool when peoples around the world can see snow while they live in a tropical country. It's great when peoples around the world can see a great building while everyday they only see a forest. 

Spread love, not hate!


Terima kasih! Thank you so much guys! Ps: maaf dikasih doodles lope-lope, buat nandain aja.


  1. anjiirrr keren u gan! pengen ikutan grupnya dong biar balaraja go internasional wqwq

    1. kuy ikutan! tapi gaada yang bagus di Balaraja elaah

  2. Kereen 😍😱 btw ada yg dari korea gak kak? Boleh juga tu


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