i was tagged

Hola amigos, I've a tagged from Ivan, thanks banget yaaa, karena nggak ada kerjaan maka saya kerjain aja, huehehe *ditabok* 

There is 11 about me;

  1. I have a looooong name, yes, Sri Meutia Florean Jasmine Nur Azizah. Nee, i dont born in a train.
  2. Obsessed with Robin van Persie. He is my captain, duh.
  3. Unwilling to confront or give bad news.
  4. Lives for today, who cares about tomorrow.
  5. I haven't a planners. Like a boss.
  6. I cheats at math -___-
  7. Love money, no matter what.  Money can't buy happiness, but money can pay your internet connection-- and buy some food.
  8. I think Adolf Hitler is cool (?)
  9. Want to learn Dutch languange. Yes, i love The Netherlands <3
  10. Want to visit London, Barcelona, Bali, or most awesome place. I wanted to travel around the world.
  11. Gasuka difoto -______-

Okay, itu 11 about me. Fail english. Lolololol-- and then, the question from Ivan~

  • what do you do in your spare times?
  • what time you arrive home and get rest every day?
  • Have you done your duty in your religion? * for example, prayer 5 times for day, or go to church every weeks?
  • how many songs in your play list? what's the titles of the numbers 1, 25, 50, ands 75?
  • what the student council in your school do in the class meeting ?
  • what do you eat for breakfast today?
  • content or something what doesn't need to exist in a good blog?
  • something that you regret and want to improve?
  • how look like your dreaming house?
  • you have a nickname? why you chose that nickname? how the beginning and the story?
  • Do you like my character?-_-

And my answer is~

  • Eat some food.
  • Pulang sekolah biasanya jam 3-an, trus tidur jam 9-an :)
  • Shalat 5 waktu dan membaca Al-Quran #ngek
  • Suffle, suffle. I've 103. The number 1 is Ik ben Verliefd - Sieneke, the number 25 is Kings of London - The Gunners, the number 50 is On the Floor - J'lo, and the number 75 is Marukaite Chikyuu (Austria ver.) - Atsushi Kousaka.
  • Idk.
  • Drink a glass of milk and eat tempe goreng.
  • Porn.... ._.
  • Nyontek, hahaha, harus janji nggak boleh nyontek lagi kecuali kalo terpaksa.
  • Look like a White House in Washington DC (?)
  • I don't know. Shalalalala~ *ditendang*
  • Yes :)

And this is my question :)

  • Punya koneksi internet nggak?
  • Negara kesukaan? Kenapa?
  • Situs apa yang paling banyak kamu kunjungi?
  • Apakah menurutmu, 'pencipta blogger' bisa disebut orang yang berpengaruh di dunia?
  • Lebih suka mana, bahasa Indonesia / English / Other?
  • Makanan kesukaan?
  • Quotes favorit?
  • Orang yang menginsiprasi?
  • Acara televisi mana yang sering kalian tonton?
  • Apakah kamu mencintai Indonesia sepenuh hati? ._.
  • Kalo di blog sukanya ngapain? Curhat atau bagi-bagi info?

Okay, pertanyaan dari saya cacat abis. Tapi udah, jawab aja. Yang beruntung... ya beruntung aja deh, yang nggak beruntung juga nggak kenapa-napa (?)

Dan orang yang kena tag... 


Een, Twee, Drie, Vier, Vijf, Zes, Zeven, Acht, Negen, Tien, Elf. 

...saya rasa cukup segitu, males, lagian itu semua temen saya di 9.1 sama 9.2~ sisanya kalo ada yang mau ambil silahkan, saya nggak ngelarang deh, beneran, sumpeh (?)

{Sorri 4 mai bad english, 'coz it iz can be a hipzter-?-}


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